It's National Book Lovers Day! I'm spending some time reading Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes and A Vision of Fire by Gillian Anderson.

Broken Monsters is great for people itching to read something similar to True Detective, Season 1. It's creepy and magical! I'm about 50% done and hopefully I'll get through a nice chunk today.

Part of me does want to savor it though, because the writing is good and the story really sucks you in. Since the story is told from about 5 or 6 different people's points of view, it's always fresh and always keeping you on your toes.

A Vision of Fire is fun so far. It definitely gives off that X-Files vibe that I'm very into right now.

I've been working my way through The X-Files for the first time after being too scared to watch it as a kid. So it's fun to read a book Gillian Anderson wrote while watching the series.

Hope you're all enjoying National Book Lovers Day! What books are you reading?