Nerdy Bags To Hold All Your Books

Thanks so society and it's lack of pockets in women's clothing, ladies have been having to carry bags for a long time. But at least we have some good ones to choose from, especially if you need to carry a book or two with you like most bookworms. I'm a huge fan of Loungefly and their adorably nerdy bags. They're well made and allow you to show off your geek pride in a pretty cool way.

One of my favorite things about Loungefly is that they make Disney bags. I already own one Alice in Wonderland purse, but this one and the matching wallet make me want to run off to Wonderland.

If you want to punch the sky this Captain Marvel bag might be the best way to show off your superhero style. (Plus I have a feeling she might be making a surprise appearance in Infinity Wars next month.)

If you need a little more room to carry your Mjolnir then maybe an adorable Thor backpack is more your style.

And if a galaxy far, far away is more your jam, then you might need a cute bag to store your lightsaber. 

Accessories don't have to just be functional, they can also help us express ourselves. Plus if you're like me I know you always need more places to store that stack of books you just picked up from the library.