Welcome to my blog. I love to talk about books, fashion, social issues, and sometimes even my doggo Robin.

Welcome to Books. Bacon. Glitter.

Welcome to Books. Bacon. Glitter.


Hello friends!

Welcome to my blog where nerdy fashion meets sci-fi/fantasy reads and gluten free baked goods (I promise they won’t taste like cardboard!). I’m Candice and I’m an avid bookstagrammer, an amateur booktuber, a Disney kid since birth, and a professionally trained baker. I’ve been blogging in one form or another for almost 20 years (holy shiiiii…) and I’m hoping this place will be a mixed bag of things I love and will hopefully spark some interesting conversations. So please, comment, ask questions, tell me what’s working and what’s not. And stay tuned for some upcoming book reviews and maybe some cute photos of my doggo, Robin Coulson.