Reading and Running

Why would someone who is not a runner decide to sign up for a runDisney 10k in a different state, and only give themselves 9 weeks to train? I'm not sure, but it's something I just did. Maybe it's because I'm a huge Disney/Marvel fan, or maybe it's just because I want to prove that I can do it. (It's actually probably because I love shiny medals.)

I'm mostly a walker (with a little running when I feel like it), so my training sessions can be pretty long. Rather than just listening to the Hamilton soundtrack over and over again, I've decided to fill my 2 months of training with as many audiobooks as possible.

I started out listening to Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson. This book clocks in at just under 12 hours, and since I usually listen to audiobooks on double speed I finished it just about 6 hours. The story is fun and fast paced. Marcus takes you through his whole life, from growing up in Ethiopia, to being adopted and moving to Sweden, all the way through starting at cooking school when we was 16, and all the way through becoming a celebrity chef. He talks about food and traveling, which really helps to take my mind off having to walk another mile.

After Yes, Chef I started When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. This memoir is about neurosurgeon resident, Paul Kalanithi, who is diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 36. This book is utterly heartbreaking, but Paul's inspiring fight  with cancer really kept me from complaining about having to train when my muscles were sore or that it's raining outside. I welled up with tears several times while listening to this short book (5.5 hours), and the epilogue written by his wife was especially lovely.

Now I'm reading The Argonauts, and I'll be following that up with The Opposite of Loneliness and Siracusa (not a memoir, but I've heard great things about the readers of this book).

If you have any recommendations of good memoirs (or any genre of book) to listen to while working out, let me know.



Readathon Wrap-Up

Last Saturday was the Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon and it was my first time participating in this awesome event. I joined the Facebook group a few days early which was the best idea ever. Everyone was getting hyped, showing off their TBR piles, and posting photos of their yummy snacks. It was very inspiring!

I decided to approach this Readathon very casually and actually let myself sleep in a few hours on Saturday morning. When I got up I loaded an audiobook on my phone and took Robin for a walk.

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I didn't want to start any brand new books except short stories that I could finish that day, so I spent some time continuing The Lunar Chronicles (currently on Cress).

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Snack time included a little bubbly rosé and A Little Life.

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The best thing I read all day of The Grownup by Gillian Flynn. Boy does that lady know how to write a sentence! This story totally threw me for a loop, had great twists and turns, and the characters made me laugh out loud the whole time. It's well worth the $2.99 I paid to Amazon for the ebook.

The last thing I read before calling it quits for the night was Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell. She's an all time favorite of mine, and this short story was just so cute.

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The challenges that happen through out the Readathon are a lot of fun and a nice way to take a break. I even won the hour 3 challenge with my 5 word story.

The next Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon will be in October and I can't wait. I think next time I'll be a bit more prepared by taking the next day off from everything. I had a serious book hangover on Sunday and it was rough.

Now I'm back to my regularly scheduled slow reading life. I'm still working through Cress, Red Queen (re-read), A Little Life, & Gold Fame Citrus (audio). As always, you can track my reading progress on Goodreads.

Happy reading!

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon

This Saturday is the Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon! I remember first hearing about this readathon last year, but since it wasn't until the actual day of the event I didn't get to fully enjoy a whole day reading. Thankfully since I'm much for involved in the bookish internet world it showed up on my radar a few days ago.

While I don't plan on spending the whole 24 hours reading (because I'd like to sleep in past 5am), I do plan on spending the majority of the day with my nose in a book. I'm excited for an excuse to catch up on some reading since homework and a sick dog have made the past few weeks pretty crazy.

So what do I plan on reading?

I'm currently in the middle of A Little Life, Cress, and my re-read of Red Queen. I'd like to finish Red Queen if possible, and hopefully put a nice dent in A Little Life & Cress. I also have Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell and The Grownup by Gillian Flynn which are both short stories. I figure these will be nice since finishing something will be good motivation to keep going. Not pictured: I also plan on reading some Marvel comics from their Civil War event. I'm trying to finish all 90ish books before the movie comes out in a few weeks. I also downloaded an audiobook (George by Alex Gino) for breaks when I'm walking my pup.

If you're participating let me know in the comments! And if you'd like to follow my progress I'll be posting all over social media:

Instagram: @booksbaconglitter

Twitter: @booksbaconglttr

Goodreads: booksbaconglitter

Litsy: booksbaconglitter

After I finish I'll be sure to update this space with what I accomplished and any tips I have for future readathons.

Happy reading!


Yes, Mindy Kaling, I'd like to be your friend.

This year I discovered the wonderful power of audiobooks, and how they can help an exceptionally slow reader like myself plow through many books in a short amount of time. Some of my favorite audiobooks this year have been celebrity memoirs, mostly because they are usually the readers and that makes listening to the book extra fun.

Today I finished listening to Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling, and it did not disappoint. One of my favorite things about her book was how she talked about the ups and downs of female friendships. How we can get jealous when our best friend lives far away and they start hanging out with other people, but at the same time you can get wrapped up in new and exciting friendships. These are all very real feelings and experiences I know I've been dealing with since I moved 1000 miles away from all my friends 3.5 years ago.

I also really enjoyed how Mindy talks about her confidence in her body. The media usually portrays her as being brave and bold for being what Hollywood considers plus size. And while I do think she's brave and bold, it has nothing to do with her size. All women in the spotlight have a microscope over them at all times, which must be extremely difficult. I love that Mindy is honest about this and doesn't try to act like it doesn't bother her. Instead she's learned how to roll with it, which sometimes means eating a few McMuffins in the McDonalds parking lot. (Hey, we've all been there.)

Overall I think Why Not Me? is a great book for girls that also feel a kindred connection to Mindy Kaling. Whether you admire her style, her confidence, or her humor, you'll find something to love about this book.