Things to get you through the darkest timeline

It's 2018. We did it guys, we made it through the past year and have hopefully come out stronger on the other side. While this year hasn't quite started out the way I had hoped, my husband and I are trying to stay positive despite feeling like we're stuck in the Upside Down.

This really got me thinking about how important self care is during times of uncertainty. When I'm stressed I often put myself on the back burner. I'll get off my gym schedule, stop going to bed at a decent time, and eat all the chocolate. It eventually catches up with me and I'll crash -- hard. So in order to hold myself accountable and actually start taking better care of myself, here are 5 self care things you can do if you think you're stuck in the darkest timeline.

Bath bombs!

Is there anything that makes you feel fancier than taking a nice, long bath with a good book? I don't know why I was so late to the bath bomb train, but these little babies are the best thing to happen to a girl. I've found great one at Target, but when I was on vacation in Vegas last month I discovered Nectar and will definitely be ordering from them once these run out.

Visit the library!

You can't get many things for free these days, but thankfully the library is still around and providing services for people. Having access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks at any time is also a pretty great feature, especially if you get snowed in this winter. Or if you're looking for a new job, trying to apply for health insurance, or just want to do some research, the library can help you through all that.

Drink all the water!

I have a really hard time remembering to stay hydrated, so one of my goals this year was to drink more water. That might sound silly, but some of us need reminders. There are plenty of apps that can help you out or you can just keep the biggest water bottle you own on your desk and refill it throughout the day.

Pet more doggos

Dogs are the best and you should definitely pet as many as possible this year. I'm sure there's a sciencey link I could find that shows research about how dogs lower your blood pressure or something, but honestly who cares? If you've ever been around a dog you know how awesome they are and there's nothing better than puppy cuddles.

Move your body!

Not gonna lie, I love laying on my couch and watching TV. But I know that even a little exercise every day makes me feel better. Sometimes I'm pretty sure I'm working out more for my mind than my body. I love working out at home and currently do both Yoga with Adriene and barre3 online. I'm also trying to get back into a gym routine by following Nia Shanks' Lift Like a Girl Program.

I know self care can be hard for some people, especially if we're used to taking care of others and not putting ourselves first. Just remember that self care is not selfish. We all need to take care of ourselves if we want to keep kicking ass at life.